[BiturboS4] '01 S4 morning sputter... sputter...

Nicholas Mistry nick at mistry.com
Wed May 29 16:14:16 EDT 2002

I know people have talked about this on the board before, but i am bringing
it up again b/c this problem is starting to annoy me.

I have a '01 S4, and every morning when i leave the house, i drive out of
my driveway go about 100 feet down my street and then "sputter sputter".
The car bogs for a second or 2.    I let off the gas for 2 seconds, and
then everything is fine.

I have brought my car in for this problem to 2 seperate audi shops, and
both say "we cant help you unless we see it happen".   no faults in the
ECU, no nothing.  They say they cant help me until it gets worse.

It started happening at about 6k, but was very infrequent.  now at 16k it
has become very frequent.  Every morning, and at the same spot.    This
problem does not happen anywhere else.  Even if the car has been sitting
straight, for 12 hours at work.

My car is not parked on an incline.  I park it in a garage.  I use quality
Gasoline.  etc..etc..etc..

Do we know what is causing this?  Do we know what i can tell the dealer as
to get this problem fixed?    Has anyone else had success w/ fixing this?

any suggestions / help would be greatly appreciated...

'01 S4 black.

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