[BiturboS4] '01 S4 morning sputter... sputter...

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Thanks for your suggestion, but i have already tried that.  As per a
suggestion from my service center, i tried each brand for a month.
(basically 4 refills).   In my area we have Sunoco, Texcao, Mobil, &
Exxon.   Since Mobil and Exxon are the same now, i tried it w/ Texaco and
Sunoco.   No noticable difference w/ the startup problem.

So im back to my Mobil 93 Supreme.


My last audi

> It's not normal. Try using a different gas and stick with that brand.
> Amoco does this to me. I use Chevron and car runs great.
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> I know people have talked about this on the board before, but i am
> bringing it up again b/c this problem is starting to annoy me.
> I have a '01 S4, and every morning when i leave the house, i drive out
> of my driveway go about 100 feet down my street and then "sputter
> sputter". The car bogs for a second or 2.    I let off the gas for 2
> seconds, and then everything is fine.
> I have brought my car in for this problem to 2 seperate audi shops, and
> both say "we cant help you unless we see it happen".   no faults in the
> ECU, no nothing.  They say they cant help me until it gets worse.
> It started happening at about 6k, but was very infrequent.  now at 16k
> it has become very frequent.  Every morning, and at the same spot.
> This problem does not happen anywhere else.  Even if the car has been
> sitting straight, for 12 hours at work.
> My car is not parked on an incline.  I park it in a garage.  I use
> quality Gasoline.  etc..etc..etc..
> Do we know what is causing this?  Do we know what i can tell the dealer
> as to get this problem fixed?    Has anyone else had success w/ fixing
> this?
> any suggestions / help would be greatly appreciated...
> -Nick
> '01 S4 black.
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