[BiturboS4] Wiper Fluid Follies

MMaglocci at aol.com MMaglocci at aol.com
Sun Nov 3 19:42:50 EST 2002

Dear Audifans:

I have a 2000 (Feb 2000 build S4).

When I use the windshield wipers and fluid spray at high speeds on the
highway with the a/c or heat fan on, the smell of the wiper fluid vapor seems
to come through the dash vents into my face and is quite noticeable.  The
ammonia like smell is so strong that it burns my eyes slightly and makes me
gag a bit as it is inhaled.

Upon taking it to the dealer, they claimed it is nil/normal.

I can't believe Audi would engineer a fine car like the S4 and not notice
something like that.  I have never owned a car in the last 30 years from Audi
to Toyota to Mercedes do that.

Has anyone else had a similar experience so I can't point the dealer to the
problem as they seem disinterested in figuring it out?



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