[BiturboS4] Wiper Fluid Follies

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 4 12:31:03 EST 2002

the swill from the factory was awful. noxious even.

once that 1st tank was depleted, and refilled, I never had the problem

'01 S4

>>Dear Audifans:
>I have a 2000 (Feb 2000 build S4).
>When I use the windshield wipers and fluid spray at high speeds on the
>highway with the a/c or heat fan on, the smell of the wiper fluid vapor
>to come through the dash vents into my face and is quite noticeable.  The
>ammonia like smell is so strong that it burns my eyes slightly and makes me
>gag a bit as it is inhaled.
>Upon taking it to the dealer, they claimed it is nil/normal.
>I can't believe Audi would engineer a fine car like the S4 and not notice
>something like that.  I have never owned a car in the last 30 years from
>to Toyota to Mercedes do that.
>Has anyone else had a similar experience so I can't point the dealer to the
>problem as they seem disinterested in figuring it out?
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