[BiturboS4] Remote Start

Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 4 10:24:20 EST 2002

It's all electronic - I did it on my last manual but I don't want to warm up
this one (due to idle engine loads - previous topic). I don't think you should
let you car sit idle for too long - especially long enough to warm it up.
There's some wire that has a circuit that closes when the clutch is depressed.
It's easy to always short that wire. CC also put a switch on the e-brake, so it
had to be pulled or the car wouldn't start (and drive away) in lieu of the
clutch over riding.

And for whoever said not to let Circuit City (or best buy for that matter) near
their car - I worked at both places and know a lot about the practices in their
install department. You're right - what those two places did to my car was
enough for me to decide to never let anyone do anything to my car; if I can't
do it myself, it probably shouldn't be done.

--- Walter J Green Jr <vr6pilot at hotmail.com> wrote:
> how would it get around the need to depress the clutch pedal while
> just curious.
> __________
> '01 S4
> >From: "James G. Coraci" <jgc at nac.net>
> >>Anyone here install a remote start system themselves on an S4?
> >I have a 2002 S4 and want to research this. Electronics retailers in
the USA
> >like Circuit City advertise them for the $150 to $200 range, including
> >install.

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