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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Nov 4 20:44:18 EST 2002

Kjos' writes:
> I've seen the message below quite a few times and just have to figure out
> what I'm missing. What difference does it make if you have a 6-speed or tip
> car when you take it to Circuit City? Do they only screw up 6-speeds? Or, I
> got it, "they do better work on tip cars because _______________." (please
> fill in).  Or, this could be it, "it doesn't matter if they screw up a tip
> car because_______________." (again, fill in)."
> Please enlighten me as to the reason for the statement. It may be that I'm
> just not the sharpest needle in the haystack and this is way over my head.
> I'd sure like it explained though.

It's because with auto tranny there isn't anything fancy to do.  With
6-sp manual, the remote starter stuff will have to override the
'clutch in to start' switch, meaning that they have to mess with
more wiring.  At at rate, remote start is not such a good idea for manual
trans cars anyway, because if the car is left in gear while parked,
and the parking brake isn't on securely, the car would lurch when the
starter engages...

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