[BiturboS4] RE: Ammonia smell safety feature

Ian McCloghrie ian at codrus.com
Tue Nov 5 13:23:14 EST 2002

On Nov 5, 2002 "Edwards, Dave" wrote:
> It was so nice of your dealer to spot the fact that this smell is normal.
> Otherwise they could have removed this handy safety feature and risked your
> driving at high speed with dirty eyeballs.

It has to do with the fluid in the washer system.  Audi ships the car
with a windshield washer fluid that has a very high alcohol
concentration, presumably to prevent it from freezing on the
windshield.  Some dealers will refill with the same fluid, but most
just refill it with either a much more dilute alcohol mix, or with the
blue stuff from Kragen.  If you don't use the concentrated alcohol
fluid, then you don't get the smell.


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