[BiturboS4] That damn washer pump - my after market warranty...

Adam Schwartz adamschwartz at rcn.com
Thu Nov 7 00:08:32 EST 2002

Hey all,
So I finally ran into that washer pump problem that some people have
talked about. Getting it fixed at my dealer was very strange, to say
the least.... PIA

My factory warranty is over. And so this is also the first time I
tried to use my after market warranty from warrantybynet.com. Some
people have asked me to report on how well the warranty worked, or
did not. I had problems, but I think my problems were mostly my lame
local dealer (who came through in the end big time). I use a few
different shops. This work was done at Pass & Weisz, a Porsche Audi
dealer in Burlington MA. I have used them off an on for about 2 years
with my S4 and my 911 Turbo. Sorry if this turns into a rant.

So I dropped the car off on Monday night. I wanted the car to be
there first thing in the morning. Next day... Half the day goes by
and I don't hear anything, so I make a call. The service advisor
tells me they are very busy and dont think they will get to my car.
They ask if they can have it for another day. Not thrilled, but I say
OK, half expecting it. BUT I also ask to talk to the Porsche Service
rep to ask about getting a valve adjustment. He is rude as all hell!
I complain to my Audi service rep latter in the day... He talks to
the general manager who calls me to work it out.  So we have started
out on a bad note.

Next day...

I call to check in about 1:00. They haven't looked at my car yet.
Nice. 4:00 ish they call me to tell me that warrantybynet.com hasn't
given them authorization yet, and that they have been on hold with
them for 45 minutes, and only talked to them for 5 minutes. I call
warrantybynet.com customer service to say 'what the hell.' I get
through within 30 seconds. They tell me they are waiting for the
dealer to fax them a quote so they can authorize it. (is this getting
boring? I am sorry!)

I call my dealer. My dealer claims they cant fax what
warrantybynet.com wants, as they doesn't have 'the book' which states
where they get their prices from... So where are they getting their
prices from? Warrantyby net says it should take one hour labor... My
dealer says their book says it takes 2... but they cant produce their
guide book to prove it, SO warranty by net will go by their book.
They are willing to pay out $113.00. My dealer says I am going to
have to pay an additional $85.00. Warrantybynet says, if my dealer
can show where they get their higher price from, they would happily
pay more.

I tell the dealer that either they do the job for the $113.00 or I
will take my business elsewhere. The service rep says he needs to
talk to his GM, and he will call me back. An hour an a half latter he
calls and says the car is ready, I can pick it up anytime. Didn't say
anything about what was done....

I get there, they have fixed the pump. They have also fixed a
vibration in the heat shield, which they told me would be $170 to
fix. I declined that fix... They did it no charge... to try and make
up for all the confusion. They have also done a recall which changes
the shroud on one of the fans. And the oil change (which I was
charged for..)

So did the warranty work. Yes! But getting it done was a PIA. It
might have been easier at an independent. I think this particular
shop is also a PIA.

Now my question to you....

What did it cost to have your washer pump replaced?

thats my story!



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