[BiturboS4] What oil to use

Nicholas Mistry nick at mistry.com
Thu Nov 7 17:48:20 EST 2002


As for what type of oil, i am not the right person to ask.. BUT!! i an
give you some advice on where to get it.

I live in boston and i find that the best place to get Mobil-1 Synthetic
is at Costco / Sams Club.  I find that they are a WHOLE DOLLAR cheaper per
case than anywhere else, including the net.  The down side is that the
grades of Mobil-1 they stock changes week to week.   So, they dont always
have 0W30 or 0W40.   But when they do, i stock up!

My 2nd choice is AutoZone.  They always have 0W30 or 0W40 in stock!   =)
And for less than a buck more per case than costco, not a bad deal.    If
your local autozone does not cary it, i am sure the manager would be happy
to get it, if you request it.

Another option was to buy the oil directoy from Mobil's website.  The
price was quite reasonable.  When exxon and mobil merged, they started
mucking with their websites and i am having trouble finding the link
again.   Hopefully it comes back soon!  Anyone else know what became of
this link?

If you are STILL having trouble finding the oid, try this link
i stole it off mobil's website. =)

Good luck!


> Hi all,
> Ok, I have a 2002 S4 tip.
> The vehicle manual recommends 0-W-30. I cannot find this oil - live in
> New Jersey.
> My dealer recommends 5-W-30 (easily available), not synthetic - this
> makes me highly skeptical of advice from this dealer.
> I am about to do my first oil change at 3300 miles. Will be going to a
> lube shop, what oil should I switch to? I am tempted to go to Synthetic,
> but don’t know and need good advice.
> - Jim
> jgc at norpak.net
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