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I owned a 1997 M3 Sedan (4 dr) and traded it for my current S4. I had
nothing but #$*$*#( problems with my M3!! Bottom line - they are ALL
machines . Some are made on Monday - some on Friday - some on Tues - Thurs.
If  you are lucky - u will not get a Monday or Friday car. It's an on-going
joke that Monday/Friday cars are the ones that end up at the dealer's
service dept all the time. No, I do not know how to determine whether a car
was built on Monday or Friday - good luck.


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> Hello,
> I'm in the market to purchase a used 2000 or 2001Audi S4, but I talked to
> sourses and all I heard was that there is many recalls on the S4's.  That
> car is a pain to own, constantly at the dealer.  Can you guys share with
> your opinions, feelings, what your history is like owning this car.
> Thanks
> Rafal
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