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jy jysap at cs.com
Tue Nov 12 00:25:08 EST 2002

This is a legitimate recall. I received a letter from Audi North America and
took my Y2K S4 to my local Audi dealer. The service mgr said "that a few
fingers had the unfortunate fate of meeting some S4 fan blades."
Supposedely, this was a known fact amongst Audi service dealers.


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> >Ian McCloghrie writes:
> >>  On Nov 10, 2002 Ti Kan wrote:
> >>  > There were no official recalls that I'm aware of.  I've had my 2001
> >>
> >>  There's one official recall that I know of, announced sometime in the
> >>  spring, involving some new plastic bit for the radiator fan shroud.
> >>  Not a big deal.
> >
> >Hmm, I have not received any notices in the mail concerning this.
> >Perhaps my car is not in the range of VINs being recalled?  Do you
> >have any details about this or pointers to where I can find this
> >info?  I suppose I could call the dealer, but it always seems always
> >better to read about it online.
> This is the recall I had done to my car that I mentioned a few days
> ago in  my rant "That damn washer pump - my after market"
> They added a small plastic cover to the electric fan that fits right
> under the bumper. The dealer told me this will protect the fan
> better. Looks like it will protect fingers better more than anything.
> I have not seen any text about this online, The dealer installed this
> when I went in for 'other' service.
> -Adam
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