[BiturboS4] no siren

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Nov 12 01:13:52 EST 2002

David writes:
> Really ? I don't understand that. Could someone with a boost gauge confirm
> that "there is no boost without load" ?. I thought there was, because in the
> workshop when they check boost pressure, they don't use any rolling-road.
> David.
> 1999 S4 Avant ABT - Barcelona, Spain.

Yes, it's true.  While I don't have a boost gauge (yet) in my S4, my
5000S turbo comes stock with a boost gauge in the instrument cluster.
You can rev the engine up all day in neutral and the boost gauge reads
vacuum (around 0.5 bar absolute).  However, once on the go the boost
gauge will show up to 1.5 bar absolute if I step on it.

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