[BiturboS4] no siren

Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 12 08:16:25 EST 2002

I'll confirm it. I have a digital boost gauge and when you hit the throttle out
of gear, it will go all the way to 0bar (no boost, no vacuum). I've done this a
lot, as it's fun to see the car get perfectly to 0 and then drop back down (ok
- I sit in traffic a lot).
P.S. Were you going to do some S4 website in Spain/Spanish? If so, how's that
plan going? If not, you know who that was?

--- David <goodson at menta.net> wrote:
> Really ? I don't understand that. Could someone with a boost gauge confirm
> that "there is no boost without load" ?. I thought there was, because in the
> workshop when they check boost pressure, they don't use any rolling-road.
> David.
> 1999 S4 Avant ABT - Barcelona, Spain.

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