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Sorry for the delay with this. I still feel like my helmet is on from last
weekends Quattrofest.
I believe the best thing to do to get this moving is for you to contact
Sykart Indoor Racing Center directly to get on their sign-up list.

Sykart Indoor Racing Center
17450 West Valley Hwy
Tukwila, WA 98188-5511

425-251 5060
sykartusa at qwest.net

League Entry Fee: $20 (one time fee for 6 league races)

Each driver races at least two ten minute heat races at each league race.

Drivers earn points based on finishing positions in their heat races.

The top ten drivers based on points move to a ten minute final.

In the event of a tie in points the winner will be based on best-lap time.

Audi League Race #1
Date: 12/11/02
Time: 7:00pm start time
Entry Fee: $30 per driver
All drivers must be entered by 12/6/02

Audi League Race #2
Date 1/8/02
Time: 7:00pm start time
Entry Fee: $30 per driver
All drivers must be entered by 1/3/02

Each race will be the second Wednesday of each month.  All entries should be
in by the first Friday of each month.

If you have any other questions after talking to them, please contact me and
I will find out for you.

See you there!
Brian Presser '01 S4
Audis Northwest Club Activities Director

TouchTech Systems, Inc.
Multimedia Specialists &
Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller
425-227-5310 ph.
425-227-5311 fax
brian at touchtechsystems.com


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