[BiturboS4] Aftermarket warranty?

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I just went through the same decision process and ultimately decided on a
contract with Waranty Gold.  It's a little more expensive than some of the
others, but they have a good reputation, and I'm a nervous sort.  I tend to
keep my cars for a long time, so I went with the 7 year, 100,000 mile
option.  I have yet to use it.

Bob Stephenson
2000 S4

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Hi folks.  I'm Aaron LaPointe, I live in northern connecticut and about six
months I upgraded to an '01 S4.. Nogaro Blue... so sweet...  Anyway, the
question is that my warranty will expire sometime in the next six months.
Are there any options anyone knows about out there for an aftermarket
warranty on these cars?  The possibility of anything serious going wrong
with this car is downright frightening.  Thanks for your time.
Aaron LaPointe
01 S4
87 4kcsq

90 90q20v (ret.)
85 4ksq (ret.)

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