[BiturboS4] Navigation Speed Sense Wire

Simon Elliott simon.elliott at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Nov 14 11:59:23 EST 2002

The install went like a dream, with no hitches what so ever, only took me a
couple of hours. I managed to put the screen bracket and controller bracket
in places where they could be removed without marking the dash, as I also
have done with my phone kit. The unit I have put in is effectively the VDO
system (although badged differently in my case). The speed sense wire is in
the radio loom, http://forums.audiworld.com/tt/msgs/63403.phtml follow that
link for the diagram.

Using the system could not be easier, and having done nearly 600 miles this
week, all in places I would normally have to use a map. I have to say that I
would find it difficult to be without it now, yesterday the M25 was shut,
and I just turned off it and the navigation worked out another route for me.

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> On Fri, 8 Nov 2002 19:24:55 -0000, you wrote:
> >Fitting a Navigation system to my S4 tomorrow, any one know where and
> >colour the speed sense wire is?
> Sorry I can't help you with the question, but I'd love to get sat nav
> for mine, so I was just wondering what system you went for? I heard a
> rumour (probably on here) a good year ago that Audi were going to
> market their own retro-fit system, but nothing seems to have happened
> so I guess that rumour was bogus!
> Cheers
> andyt
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