[BiturboS4] Re: Audi Assured Warranty

MMaglocci at aol.com MMaglocci at aol.com
Thu Nov 14 14:51:04 EST 2002

Regarding warranties, does anyone have any experience with Audi's "Assured

I purchased my 2000 S4 from an Audi dealership last year and the car had the
balance of the factory warranty/maintenance program that will expire in Feb.
2003.  After that, the car is warrantied another 2 years or 100,000 miles,
which ever comes first, under Audi's Assured Program.  The Assured Program is
supposed to be an extension of the factory warranty without the maintenance,
which on the surface sounds like a pretty good deal.  However, when I asked
the dealer what is covered and could I have something in writing explaining
the program, they could not provide it.  Nor could Audi's North American
Customer Service Office up in Auburn Hills, MI.

I'm wondering if any of you out there have had any experience with Audi's
assured program and how extensive it is.  It would sure save me a lot of
money if I did not have to buy an after market warranty like those discussed
in this forum.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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