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Edwards, Dave Dave_Edwards at iOra.com
Fri Nov 15 09:55:33 EST 2002


Sounds good. Maybe you could post the pictures to www.audi-sport.net

Is that with the standard exhaust? If so then the HP is good, but it shows
that your map is designed for top end power at the expense of mid range
torque. As a comparison, when I first chipped, only having the Miltek
cat-back, I was getting around 310hp/520Nm (and after the Miltek cats &
remap I'm getting nearly 340hp and over 560Nm).

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From: David [mailto:goodson at menta.net]

Hello Dave,
Yes, I had to change one turbo, and by safety I had all the interior part of
the other one changed too. Since Audi wanted to charge me 1800 euros for
each new turbo, I went directly to the KKK (actually owned by BorgWarner)
importer here in Barcelona, and the price was less than half this amount. So
I've bought the new one there, have them fix the other one, and took them
back to the official Audi workshop. I have a few pictures of the process
(car with the engine out, engine alone, turbos etc..) but I think I can't
post attachments to the mailing-list. I went out of the workshop with a new
car ! it's pushing much harder now. Here are the figures : Before : 305
HP/432 Nm After : 325 HP/482 Nm It was expensive, but I'm quite satisfied
with the result. Cheers, David.

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