[BiturboS4] 16" wheels?

John M. Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
Fri Nov 15 13:17:42 EST 2002

My dealer recommended 16" wheels with snow tires due to the lower cost.
I went for Tirerack's recommended 17x7.5 stock size wheels with Dunlop
Winter Sport tires.  I like them very much - highly recommended.  Don't
know of any reason to go with 16s other than the cost and possible
additional sidewall to bounce off curbs.  Might be more tolerant of big

2001 S4 Avant loaded, stock except snow tires, 15,000 miles

John M. Harrison
University of Wyoming
Space Management Office
Facilities Planning
johnmh at uwyo.edu

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> Thinking about winter tires, will 16 inch wheels fit
> a 2000 S4?

Yes, at least some will. I am running Mille Migla
something-or-nothers in 16x7.5 with 205/55/16 Michelin
Pilot Alpin snows.   The brakes have approximately
zero clearance, so assume not all 16's will fit.
Check tirerack web site, it will tell you what will
Matt Rooke
'91cq- yoko A520 205/55/16 (all year)
'00S4- 225/45/17 S02 (summer) 16" Pilot Apins (winter)

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