[BiturboS4] 16' wheels?

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 15 14:05:14 EST 2002

> And i
> picked a tire size that kept the OD as close to the
> stock diameter as
> possible.  (i dont remember off the top of my head
> what size, but i can
> look it up.

205/55/16 is very close to stock diameter.

> Also, on a side note, what do people think of the
> stopping performance
> of the Pilot Alpins when driving on Slippery or Icey
> roads?   Anyone
> have an opinion about the Arctic Alpin's vs. the
> Pilot Alpins, breaking
> or otherwise, but related to winter driving and not
> speed / handling?

I'm quite happy with the Pilot Alpins.  I spend most
of the winter on dry or wet roads in the bay area,
and every weekend at Tahoe, where it is either sunny
and dry, or dumping like nothing else.  The Pilots
get me through the deep stuff as well as over Donner
Summit when the road is pretty crappy with lots of
confidence.  Though I must say that my old '91 coupe
quattro with all seasons was at least as good.
'Course, that car had 90 less hp and no turbo to
kick in suddenly.  Big torque and slippery roads are
poor bedfellows, so I guess it is no surprise the S4
is a little less stable on winter roads.
Matt Rooke

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