[BiturboS4] Bluetooth In-Car Kit Installed

DDowS4 at netscape.net DDowS4 at netscape.net
Wed Nov 20 22:53:04 EST 2002

My advice to anyone considering a new cell phone is don't buy anything unless it's bluetooth enabled.
 I installed the Nokia Bluetooth in-car kit recently, using wiring diagrams from the tech section of AW to utilize Audi's pre-wiring. I mounted the control button where the cigarette lighter used to be ... hides nicely out of sight.
 The great part of this bluetooth thing is you don't have to dock your phone. Just leave it in your pocket or briefcase. Start the car and the in-car kit connects to the phone (Nokia 6310i) automatically. Hold down the contol button you can dial out using voice dialing. The next time I upgrade my phone, as long as it's bluetooth it will work with the in-car kit, any brand.


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