[BiturboS4] The first Spanish Audi forum

David goodson at menta.net
Thu Nov 21 22:52:47 EST 2002

I'm pleased to announce that the first Spanish Audi forum was born.
I've been carrying this baby for a few weeks now, and finally it has become
Today was the opening day, and I already have 10 registered users !
Now I will have to promote it a little bit.
It's not absolutely finished, but it's already working good.
Funny it's a French guy (me) that put on air the first Spanish Audi forum.
I just wanted to thank all of you, for all I've been learning through this
mailing list for the last year, and witch gave me the few necessary basics
to be an Audi forum webmaster.
I almost forget to give you the URL : www.audisport-iberica.com
David - S4 Avant ABT - Barcelona - Spain.

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