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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Nov 22 13:10:24 EST 2002

daniel chisholm writes:
> Is this the same engine that is currently used in the RS6 (minus the turbo)?  Is it possible to convert?  Now that would be impressive.

Similar, but not the same.  It's also a 4.2 liter 5-valve unit, but
it's the latest generation design with no drive belts.  It has a chain
located in the back of the block which drives everything.  This design
makes the engine even shorter than the already relatively compact
original Audi V8, making it possible to fit in the tight confines within
the B class chassis, which was originally designed for I4 and V6 engines.

This new engine is also featured on the new V8 version of the Audi Allroad.
Previously, the A6 4.2 has a different front end than other A6 models to
increase space for the V8 engine.  That is no longer necessary on the
Allroad with the new V8.

The RS6 is based on the older design and still has belts on the front.

A biturbo V8 new RS4 is rumoured to be in the works...  That would be the
real sledgehammer!

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