[BiturboS4] Wiper Blades

Matt Woodward mattwoodward1 at attbi.com
Sat Nov 23 02:57:28 EST 2002

Have the dealer adjust them.  Mine weren't quite right from the factory.
The dealer made them awesome.  The inserts need changed every 9 months or
so.  The dealer will only do it every year.  I keep meaning to buy refills.
Anyone know how much the dealer is going to try to extract from me?
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Subject: [BiturboS4] Wiper Blades

> HI all,
> I have a new S4 and love it, EXCEPT for the wiper blades -- visibility
> is very poor in the rain.
> Any suggestions, regarding replacement model, adjustment, etc?
> James
> email: jgc at norpak.net
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