[BiturboS4] bad s4.... bad...

alapointe1 alapointe1 at cox.net
Sat Nov 23 16:24:46 EST 2002

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I just went to start my s4 and it didn't... well more specifically, I could=
n't even gain access to the car.  I seem to remember some grumblings about =
a battery drain on the car in the two weeks I've been a list member.  Alarm=
 won't open locks, and key won't even open the locks... I guess it's a elec=
tronic connection from the key to the physical lock... arrrgh!    Supposing=
 that the battery is truly dead, which I think is the case, as the flashing=
 led for the alarm isn't even flashing, what is it that's causing this drai=
n?  And more importantly, how the hell do I gain access to the car... all I=
 want to do is jump it and get on the road... Thanks for your help in advan=

Aaron LaPointe
87 4kcsq (230,000 miles and still more reliable than the s4)
01 S4.....

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