[BiturboS4] bad s4.... bad...

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sat Nov 23 13:31:39 EST 2002

alapointe1 writes:
> I just went to start my s4 and it didn't... well more specifically, I could=
> n't even gain access to the car.  I seem to remember some grumblings about =
> a battery drain on the car in the two weeks I've been a list member.  Alarm=
>  won't open locks, and key won't even open the locks... I guess it's a elec=
> tronic connection from the key to the physical lock... arrrgh!    Supposing=
>  that the battery is truly dead, which I think is the case, as the flashing=
>  led for the alarm isn't even flashing, what is it that's causing this drai=
> n?  And more importantly, how the hell do I gain access to the car... all I=
>  want to do is jump it and get on the road... Thanks for your help in advan=
> ce.

Unless I'm missing something, you can still insert your key into
the driver's door lock cylinder and unlock the car the old fashioned way.
Once you're in the car you can pop the hood and charge battery/jump start

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