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Greg Amy grega at pobox.com
Sun Nov 24 15:42:06 EST 2002

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> I couldn't even gain access to the car.  I seem to remember some
grumblings about a battery drain
> Unless I'm missing something, you can still insert your key into the
driver's door lock cylinder and unlock the car the old fashioned way.

Reminds me of a phone call I got from an Audi dealership buddy. It's
raining like hell outside and he rings me up on my cellphone.

Buddy: "Dude, you're **NOT** going to believe the phone call I just

Me: "Do tell."

Buddy: "So this customer calls me up mad as hell, cussing and screaming
at me. I ask him what the problem is. He tells me that his <bleeping>
car won't <bleeping> unlock and he's standing in the <bleeping> rain
with a <bleeping> Wall Street Journal over his head in the middle of
downtown <bleeping> Manhattan getting totally <bleeping> soaked and he
wanted to know what in the <bleep> I was going to do about it."

Me: "Yeah?"

Buddy: "So I ask him, quite patiently I might add, 'Sir, are you saying
that the remote control won't unlock the doors?' and he says 'You're
<bleep-bleeping> right that's what I'm saying! What in the <bleep> do
you expect me to <bleeping> do about it?'

We both agree that we can see where this one is going.

Buddy: So I said, 'Sir, did you try the key in the door?' and he says
that, as he's been trying to tell me, he's been <bleeping> pressing on
the <bleep-bleeped> button on the <bleeping> remote and all it's
accomplished is that he's getting more <bleeping> soaked."

Me: "Hmmm."

Buddy: "Yep! So I ask him, still quite patiently and trying like hell to
not laugh out loud, 'No, I mean did you try using the key part in the
driver's door?' He says, 'Huh?' I sez, 'The key, sir, in the driver's

Next thing I hear is, 'Aw, <bleep> me' and he hangs up!"

We tossed a few beers to stockbrokers over that one that night.


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