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Having had this battery experience 2x in 2 yrs of S4 ownership - go straight
to the dealer and get a new one- after Audi Road Service re-charges your
battery - . It's covered under warranty. The road service tech told me that
this a common problem with S4(s). He said that u should never leave your S4
sitting for more than a few days w/o turning on the engine - if even for a
few minutes. Oh, and yes - put the key in the door - it opens that way too.
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I just went to start my s4 and it didn't... well more specifically, I
couldn't even gain access to the car.  I seem to remember some grumblings
about a battery drain on the car in the two weeks I've been a list member.
Alarm won't open locks, and key won't even open the locks... I guess it's a
electronic connection from the key to the physical lock... arrrgh!
Supposing that the battery is truly dead, which I think is the case, as the
flashing led for the alarm isn't even flashing, what is it that's causing
this drain?  And more importantly, how the hell do I gain access to the
car... all I want to do is jump it and get on the road... Thanks for your
help in advance.

Aaron LaPointe
87 4kcsq (230,000 miles and still more reliable than the s4)
01 S4.....

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