[BiturboS4] Just Replaced S4 Bosch Diverter Valves With Hyberboost Diverter Valves-Highly Recommended

jy jysap at cs.com
Mon Nov 25 00:00:51 EST 2002

To The List,

I replaced my OEM Bosch Diverter/Blow-Off Valves in my S4 with the
Stratomosphere Hyperboost Valves.

MANNN - what a difference !!!!

I did not know what a piece of S&*T those OEM Bosch valves are. I
immediately noticed better throttle response and my boost came on stronger
and held longer. What a difference.

I wanted to know if the Hyperboost valves hit 1 Bar (of boost) or better.
Since the S4 does not come with a boost gauge - I took one Hyperboost valve
and installed in my Porsche 951 that does have a OEM boost gauge (even
though they are notoriously known for being slighty less than accurate - I
also installed an aftermkt boost gauge because of that).

Anyway, my Porsche boost gauge hit 1 Bar immediately and held. Same thing as
in the S4 - better throttle response. I then replaced the Bosch OEM (it was
an upgrade for a Porsche 993 - OEM Bosch valves for the 951 are truly pieces
of S**T) valve in my 951.

One could make an argument that my Bosch (in both the S4 and 951) valves
were on their last leg since they each had 45k mi on them - but still none
of my Bosch valves was making 1 Bar (I took my old S4 valves and put them
into my Porsche and that's when I realized that they were making less than 1
Bar of boost too).

I would highly recommend that every S4 owner on this list replace their OEM
Bosch Diverter valves, even they haven't done so.

It's a simple upgrade that can be done in your driveway with a screwdriver
and wire snips (to replace the Audi clamps) in an hour or less.

Go for it !!!!


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