[BiturboS4] 2003 S4?

David Lau toomanycars at mac.com
Mon Nov 25 02:20:27 EST 2002

Yeah, who wants a car that blends in with the pavement!?! But have you
SEEN a laser red avant? Prolly not. According to registrations on
Audiworld AND S-cars.org, there's 3 on the planet: Luxembourg, Colorado,
and mine in Michigan.  After prodding from my local Audi club, I painted
the calipers red and tinted the windows - really sets off the red/black

But you're right about attracting the attention of the authorities.
Coming across the Ohio Turnpike last summer 3 of us were enjoying
frequent visits into the 3 digit range. Two black cars and me. Guess who
got pulled over.
On Sunday, November 24, 2002, at 08:31 PM, jy wrote:

> Sorry John,
> Imola (when clean) is the PRETTIEST S4 color besides Nagaro Blue. The
> other
> colors make u look like just another BMW or Mercedes !!!!!
01 S4 Avant, laser red, UUC short shifter, red shift knob, fog light
mod, RS4 grille, 8-disc, AWE boost gauge, phone kit, 35% tint...
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