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Some advice for you if you have a later S4 without the 'F'-hose (i.e.
there's metal tubing going almost all the way to the passenger side DV):

Since (like the Forge), the Hyperboost is a lot larger than the Bosch, there
is a risk that the small bore hose will become kinked. It can still work
quite well with such a severe bend, but with the heat in the engine bay it
would possibly split over time. Therefore I suggest that you get some long
tie-wraps and tie the DV to the Y-pipe.

Also, as I think I posted before, the problem is worse with the APR bipipe
which I also recommend as a mod. If you have (or are getting) the bipipe I
would be interested to know how the Hyperboost fits. My first fitment of the
bipipe resulted in the passenger side DV pushing up on the engine cover, but
I have since adjusted it so that it is just touching. Since the Hyperboost
has a bigger outside diameter than the Forge, maybe the fitting would be


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Per your comment about diverter valves: I just received a pair of
Stratmosphere valves and I plan to install them one day soon. I'll let you
know how it goes.  Ditto for the Strat short shift kit.


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