[BiturboS4] Error Code Help

Eric Simon ericmsimon at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 3 13:50:11 EDT 2002


APR Stage 1 ECU

Due to cracked glass, my instrument cluster console was replaced by the

Since the replacement, I regularly have the EPC light stay on when I start
the car, and I have to cycle thru with the flipswitch to get it off.  No
noticeable impact on performance.  APR has been helpful via email and phone,
and they believe the replacement console may not have been installed or
configured correctly.  The dealer got the following error codes:

18090A P1690
K83 Malfunction Indicator Lamp-sporatic

The dealer blamed it on the ECU and could not fix it, but APR's explanation,
and logic, point to the console's electronics.  I may have to re-install the
factory ECU to narrow this down.

Anyone have any additional thoughts ?


Eric M. Simon
ericmsimon at hotmail.com

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