[BiturboS4] Dealer issue - mods

Marc A. Abernethy abernethy at lotteryusa.com
Thu Oct 3 20:24:21 EDT 2002

Just took my car in for the 40K service. They found that the brake fluid
had been contaminated.  It appeared that someone had topped it off with
power steering fluid.  Cost to flush $200.  I stated that it had to have
been them.  They did the previous service and an Audi dealer in FL did
the service previously.  So either they did not catch it the last time
or it was them.  The service manger assured me that their top mechanic
worked on it.  "He is one of the top mechanics in the country."  I again
stated that there is no reason that I would touch it for it is
completely covered under warranty.  I had not even lifted the hood since
the last service.

At the time I brought the car in for service I had also mentioned that
the power steering was squeaking.  So now he starts hinting that because
the car has some mods and had squeaking that I might have done it.  That
pretty much irritated the hell out of me.

So, I am just venting now.  But I think there is a moral to the story.
If you mod your car, you may get blamed for everything that goes wrong.
Word of warning.

I had a Honda Accord for a loaner.  I hated just about every minute.
But will admit it had better sound than my factory Bose system.  It is
nice to have my toy home.

'01 S4 6spd

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