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Thu Oct 3 18:30:45 EDT 2002

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> I'm in the market for a pre-owned S4, and have a
> couple of questions
> - If one doesn't live in California, should one try
> to avoid a California car?  It used to be (I may be
> dating myself now) that CA cars were so loaded with
> additional emissions stuff that it affected
> performance.  Is that a thing of the past, or still
> a consideration?  Are the performance figures any
> different between a CA car and a 49 state car?

Find yer best deal wherever that may be, there is
nothing unique about a CA S4 (other than accelerated
sun fade ;-).  All S4s are 50-state certified for
emmissions.  I researched this extensively before
buying my S4 new in VA and importing it to CA.
(which is an interesting story in itself)

Matt Rooke
'91cq- 49-state certified but passes CA testing
'00S4- 50-state certified

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