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Many thanks for the replies.  Where can I find more information on the VIN
cutoffs for the various changes?  The VIN of a car I'm looking at is
WAURD68D61A079723.  Not sure about the build date.

step88 at kc.rr.com

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> Step88 writes:
> > - If one doesn't live in California, should one try to avoid a
California c=
> > ar?  It used to be (I may be dating myself now) that CA cars were so
> >  with additional emissions stuff that it affected performance.  Is that
a t=
> > hing of the past, or still a consideration?  Are the performance figures
> > y different between a CA car and a 49 state car?
> AFAIK the all 50 US states got the same car, as far as the S4 is
> > - Were there any significant issues with 2000 models that would make it
> > antageous to move up to a 2001 if possible?
> Yes, however, the cut-off is not between 2000 and 2001 model years.
> You have to go by the VIN number.  Earlier cars had trouble with
> failures to the F-hose (which is eliminated in the later cars), the
> later cars also got different turbos with larger oil lines.  The
> divertor valve is known to also fail, but rumour has it that the
> later units are improved.  Finally, the later cars have improved
> clamping on the throttle body boot, but supposedly they still fail.
> I don't think these changes all occurred at the same time, so
> the moral is to get the newest car you can afford.
> One other thing to consider is that ESP (electronic stability program)
> is not equipped on 2000 cars, but is standard on 2001 models,
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