[BiturboS4] 02 S4 Silver Alcantara

Samuel Thorn samuel.thorn at unitedmessaging.net
Fri Oct 4 10:16:14 EDT 2002

I just did a really really dumb thing.  I got water stains on my passenger side seat.  I bought a brush called a dry cleaning brush used for things that you cannot wash.  The directions for the brush were you squeeze it to release the chemicals and then just rub it against the stain.  A lot of debris started coming of the seat, which actually turned out to be the suede seat material.  So know I have a very rough looking and feeling panel on the seat.  It kind of looks like an old sweater.
My question is has anyone ever damaged there Alcantara?  And if so what have you done to repair it?
Please refrain from telling me what a moron I am, as I've done that enough myself.


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