Mileage - was: RE: [BiturboS4] Dead turbo - it hurts !

Steven Lin steven at
Tue Oct 8 16:20:19 EDT 2002

'00s have an 8k service interval.  I have one more (48k) due just
before my 3 yr. (another '00-specific thing) warranty goes bye-bye.

Although 8k is still too long (compared to 10k) between changes, I
don't drive my car enough to need to do myself.


Chip Goetzinger writes:

> <<Yeah.  Commute is 16 miles round trip.  Sometimes I wish I hadn't
> moved.  48 miles round trip.  Then again, not!>>

> Mine's about 60 round trip.  Damn bay area....

> <<Just got my 40K service done the other day.>>

> Why the 40k?  Are you getting it done every 5k?  I just do my own oil
> changes on the 5k intervals and use the dealer on the 10ks.

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