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Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 8 16:44:00 EDT 2002

I agree, but was told recently that the warm up doesn't matter that much. How
many turbo failures happen during the winter months in cold areas? Warming up
the oil takes forever under those circumstances. If there IS stress on the
turbos when they're cold, wouldn't you think that more would fail when it's
cold out? All I could say was that cold causes them to wear, but heat
ultimately destroys them. She didn't buy that. Can you address this?

Also, you say that you keep the RPMs below 2500? That's when you're likely to
get the most boost! Do you have a boost gage? I was surprised at where and how
boost is on the car. Maybe you already know. I've been leaving it in a lower
gear longer and overall boost is a lot lower during warm up time. My 2¢

--- "Edwards, Dave" <Dave_Edwards at iOra.com> wrote:
> 15 minutes is excessive and could be counter-productive as it would
> 'heat-soak' the engine and other component could suffer.
> Since the S4 has an oil temp gauge, it is better to use it rather than have
> a fixed idle time. Before I fitted my afterrun pump timer, I used to make
> sure that the needle was down to about halfway between the second and third
> marks (not sure what temp that is as I can't remember and besides my gauge
> is calibrated in centigrade anyway). Generally at most you would need 5
> mins. Also it is MUCH better to cool down by driving: This gives you the
> added cooling from the airflow into the engine bay.
> However cool-down is only part of the story. More important is the warm-up.
> Stressing the turbo whilst the oil is cold can really cause wear. I really
> try to keep my revs low (below 2500) until the oil temp gauge reaches the
> second mark.
> Cheers,
> Dave
> By the way David, I've responded to your original post on Audi-Sport.net

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