[BiturboS4] Extended Warranty

Marc A. Abernethy abernethy at lotteryusa.com
Wed Oct 9 12:28:52 EDT 2002

Many will not take twin turbos.  Can you blame them?  I used
www.warrantygold.com when I had my TT RX-7.  Cost about $2,000.  Couple of
months later the engine and turbos blew up.  They were great about paying.
Total of about $10,000.  I would have thought they would exclude TTs but I just
checked and they will cover the S4.  Between $1,500 and $3,500 depending on the
coverage.  Although it worked out well for me, the jury is still out on
extended warranties.  Also, they may cover you then if you make a claim. reject
a modified car.  Something to look into.  With a large claim, they send an
inspector to see the car.

'01 S4

Fred Coco wrote:

> I own a late 1999 S4, 50,000 miles and I am shopping for an extended
> warranty. A couple that I have checked specifically exclude the "twin
> turbo". Anybody out there have any experience with extended warranties?
> BTW...installed APR chip at 10,000, no turbo trouble yet....however, I only
> turn the chip on when I feel the urge and leave it off for routine
> commuting. Dealer replaced vacuum valve.
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