[BiturboS4] Turbo care

Derek Cheuk dcheuk1 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 9 22:28:41 EDT 2002

>Also, you say that you keep the RPMs below 2500? That's when you're likely
>get the most boost! Do you have a boost gage? I was surprised at where and
>boost is on the car. Maybe you already know. I've been leaving it in a
>gear longer and overall boost is a lot lower during warm up time. My 2=A2
>      -Phil

At constant boost, the RPMs of the turbo will be lower at lower engine rpms
when compared to the rpms of the turbo at higher engine RPMs.  It takes much
more air/gas mixture to fill the cylinders at 6500 RPM than at 2000 RPM so
minimal boost at 6500 RPM will have the turbos spinning faster than at full
boost at 2000 RPM.

Hope that makes sense.


2001 S4 Black 6 speed 45k
1997 911 C2 Cab 6 speed 35k

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