[BiturboS4] S4 Frustrations - Suspension

Troy Smith tgs210 at mindspring.com
Sun Oct 13 12:54:37 EDT 2002

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Hello.  Please help if you can...

I recently made the following modifications to my 2001 S4 Suspension with a
slightly frustrating result.

*	Changed wheels to OZ Racing Superleggera 8X18 w/ Pirelli P7000 225,
40, 18 tires.
*	Installed MTM springs.
*	Installed MTM 3 degree negative camber kit on the front of the
*	Installed rear 19 MM swaybar.

The result:

*	Handles like it should.
*	Looks great.
*	Upper shoulder of front tire rubs the very inside edge of the lip on
the fender and the wheel well liner during turns while driving style is
aggressive and when a 'bump' is encountered while driving straight at speeds
in excess of 40 MPH.  The 'rub' is only for a brief second but audibly
noticeable in the cabin of the vehicle and certainly not good for the tires.
At this point tire damage is minimal but frustrating.

After much research, debate, and everyone involved assuring me all parts
should go together very well - 'this rim is made for the S4', 'MTM works
directly with Audi engineers and all parts are made to Audi spec' - needless
to say I am at wits end!  I recently used the local Audi dealers shop to
'roll back' the inside of the front fenders (some progress but still rubbing
a little).

Here is my question:

Do I a) go a  very stiff shock (ie - Billstien) and basically lock in the
suspension or b) is there an aftermarket flair for the wheel well I can have
put on (I am referring to the RS4 fender which appears wider).  Keep in mind
I live in Colorado and the roads while not terrible are certainly not the
best in the country.

Any experience in this matter or advice would be appreciated.


Troy G. Smith
Denver, CO

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