[BiturboS4] S4 Frustrations - Suspension

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sun Oct 13 22:15:13 EDT 2002

Troy Smith writes:
> *	Upper shoulder of front tire rubs the very inside edge of the lip on
> the fender and the wheel well liner during turns while driving style is
> aggressive and when a 'bump' is encountered while driving straight at speeds
> in excess of 40 MPH.  The 'rub' is only for a brief second but audibly
> noticeable in the cabin of the vehicle and certainly not good for the tires.
> At this point tire damage is minimal but frustrating.

You can have someone roll-in the inside of the fender wheel opening lip
just a little to avoid the rub.  It's often done with a baseball bat.
it's not something to be done by the inexperienced or faint of heart, as
there is a possibility that the job might be botched and cause the paint
to crack, but if done right it would solve the problem and look no
different than stock.

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