[BiturboS4] Is The Battery Considered A Warranty Item?

jysap at cs.com jysap at cs.com
Tue Oct 15 12:08:45 EDT 2002

To The List,

For the past year my S4 has had the battery die unexpectedly. Audi road service gives me a jump and the car seems to be fine for a few months. Then I let it sit for a few days and 'click, click, click' - no juice. My Audi dealer claims that my alternator is charging just fine (what else would they say ;) ).  Has anyone else had this problem? I am already expecting the std response: "the battery is not a warranty item." When I replace the battery on my dime, It will probably a SEARS Die-Hard or equivalent battery. It's been my experience that OEM is not always the best choice for a car because auto makers are always looking at ways to cut costs and it starts with OEM stuff and cascades.


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