[BiturboS4] Is The Battery Considered A Warranty Item?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Oct 15 11:30:48 EDT 2002

jysap at cs.com writes:
> For the past year my S4 has had the battery die unexpectedly. Audi road ser=
> vice gives me a jump and the car seems to be fine for a few months. Then I =
> let it sit for a few days and 'click, click, click' - no juice. My Audi dea=
> ler claims that my alternator is charging just fine (what else would they s=
> ay ;) ).  Has anyone else had this problem? I am already expecting the std =
> response: "the battery is not a warranty item." When I replace the battery =
> on my dime, It will probably a SEARS Die-Hard or equivalent battery. It's b=
> een my experience that OEM is not always the best choice for a car because =
> auto makers are always looking at ways to cut costs and it starts with OEM =
> stuff and cascades.

The battery should be covered by warranty.  The factory battery (hey it kind
of rhymes) is actually quite good.  Sears Diehard is junk nowadays.  It used
to be good when it was made by Johnson Controls, by they have switched to
Exide as the supplier.

Do you drive your S4 daily?  What seems to kill batteries is if you let it
discharge completely and charge it up again repeatedly.  Check the electrolyte
level in each battery cell, add distilled water if necessary.

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