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California Fields cfields72 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 16 15:39:03 EDT 2002

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Just installed the Stratmosphere short-shift kit over the weekend.  It was
fairly straightforward although it did take me about 3 hours total to get
through it.  I'm sure I could to it in about an hour if I had to do it again.
It shifts fairly well.  Definitely stiffer and has more resistance than the
stock.  Gates feel a little narrower and reverse takes some effort, but the
shorter throws are very nice.  I can't compare to the Tanoga or UUC because I
haven't tried them.

Also, just got the GIAC-X chip (complete ECU, M box for 2001) today and
installed it over lunch.  My VAG-COM indicated no error codes and the engine
appears to run the same...except, of course, for an insane amount of increased
power.  I haven't had time to really test it out, but the increased torque
from about 1,500 rpm through 3,000 is DEFINITELY noticeable - even under part
throttle.  My first impression was that the power feels to taper off about
4000 rpm, but that's probably because the insane torque is felt down low very
early.  We'll see....

My A-pillar boost gauge should arrive today from AWE.  I'll post on how that
goes. Also have my Miltek 3" cat-back in the garage waiting to be mounted.

Can't wait to meet up again with the 2002 M3 convertible that smoked me last
week. I'm curious to see what happens next time.  The WRX wagon that I
squeaked by from 30 mph-100mph the week prior will be dust if I see him again!

All for now, Carter.
Carter Fields, San Francisco
GIAC X chip
Miltek 3" cat-back
Stratmosphere short-shifter
AWE A-pillar boost gauge

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