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Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 16 15:53:37 EDT 2002

Awesome- congrats!!!

--- California Fields <cfields72 at hotmail.com> wrote:
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> Just installed the Stratmosphere short-shift kit over the weekend.  It was
> fairly straightforward although it did take me about 3 hours total to get
> through it.  I'm sure I could to it in about an hour if I had to do it again.
> It shifts fairly well.  Definitely stiffer and has more resistance than the
> stock.  Gates feel a little narrower and reverse takes some effort, but the
> shorter throws are very nice.  I can't compare to the Tanoga or UUC because I
> haven't tried them.
> Also, just got the GIAC-X chip (complete ECU, M box for 2001) today and
> installed it over lunch.  My VAG-COM indicated no error codes and the engine
> appears to run the same...except, of course, for an insane amount of
> increased
> power.  I haven't had time to really test it out, but the increased torque
> from about 1,500 rpm through 3,000 is DEFINITELY noticeable - even under part
> throttle.  My first impression was that the power feels to taper off about
> 4000 rpm, but that's probably because the insane torque is felt down low very
> early.  We'll see....
> My A-pillar boost gauge should arrive today from AWE.  I'll post on how that
> goes. Also have my Miltek 3" cat-back in the garage waiting to be mounted.
> Can't wait to meet up again with the 2002 M3 convertible that smoked me last
> week. I'm curious to see what happens next time.  The WRX wagon that I
> squeaked by from 30 mph-100mph the week prior will be dust if I see him
> again!
> :)
> All for now, Carter.
> ------------------------------
> Carter Fields, San Francisco
> 2001.5
> GIAC X chip
> Miltek 3" cat-back
> Stratmosphere short-shifter
> AWE A-pillar boost gauge

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