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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Oct 17 02:28:46 EDT 2002


The Audi warranty program in the US is quite different than what you
have in Europe and other countries.  It is much more comprehensive
due to the competitive nature of the US market.

Here, everything is covered by Audi except the tires, which is warranted
by the tire manufacturer directly.  The warranty does have some exclusions,
such as when an item failed due to unauthorized modifications, accident
or misuse/abuse.  As of model year 2001, this warranty is good for
4 years or 50K miles, whichever comes first (prior to that, it was
3 years/50K miles).

During the same period as the warranty, the Audi dealers will also perform
all scheduled maintenance at no cost to the owner (paid for by Audi of

In addition, there is a body panel corrosion perforation warranty that is
good for 12 years.

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Edwards, Dave writes:
> The battery on my wife's car (a Ford Puma) died after about a year. Although
> she did do a lot of short distance daily driving, I thought it was a bit
> early to expire. However the response from the Ford dealer was "it's not
> covered under warranty".
> However I had read the warranty agreement, and saw that I had the right to
> request a failed item to be send off to Ford HQ for analysis to see if the
> failure was either wear and tear or it was premature.
> When I made this request to the dealer, the immediate response was to
> replace the battery under 'goodwill', where I would have to pay for about
> 20% of the cost. I decided to take them up on it since the alternative was
> hassle vs the relatively little I would have to pay.
> I'm not sure if this tale helps...
> Dave

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