[BiturboS4] I want Walter Green to save the environment (was Warranty on battery)

Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 17 11:15:11 EDT 2002

Right - I'm not sure which is worse (I honestly don't know): a car that runs
clean but burns a lot of gas (i.e. ours, which get ~17 mpg per informal
Audiworld surveys) or ones that are dirty but don't burn a lot of gas (older,
fuel efficient cars that get high 20mpg).

In any case, we definitely are a 'large quantity of gas consumed per mile'
group (takes us a lot of gas to get a mile down the road compared to a lot of
other cars). I like the Euro measure: kilometers per 100 liters of gas.

--- Ti Kan <ti at amb.org> wrote:
> As to the US polluting the planet, I'd offer no argument there.  At least
> our Audis are relatively clean running compared to most behemoth SUVs.

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