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John M. Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
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1)  If you mean that electric power generation is dirty, I agree, but
think that it is much easier to make cleaner than internal combustion

2)  Do you mean that present day battery technologies limit the range of
electric vehicles?  Certainly this is true and could be a major issue
for those who have a long distance daily commute to deal with.

I only need a range of about 20 to 30 miles max per day and would be
very happy to never worry about warming up a car.  We get fairly cold
temps especially in the morning around here.  An all-electric could
provide instant heat and defrosting.  I could easily recharge after
midnight during off-peak demand hours.  My range needs could probably be
accomodated with a relatively small battery array.

As for performance limitations, I'm not an engineer, but there appear to
be no significant limitations here.  From a mechanical point of view
electric cars should be much simpler and much lower maintenance than
internal combustion engines, which are highly complex.

As to the goals to be achieved, I am thinking mostly selfishly of the
benefits to me in the conditions under which I operate day to day.  I
realize this is not a silver bullet global environmental solution.
Still, if you believe the research and information provided by AC
propulsion, designers of the T-zero prototype electric sports car and
others, there are some large scale environmental benefits to be had.

I encourage all who are curious about this to visit the AC Propulsion
website.  These guy's T-zero prototype will smoke our S4s if you believe
their propaganda.  URL is www.acpropulsion.com

I should probably add that I have no connection or investment interest
or other ulterior motive beyond  curiosity in this.  I just think its a
rather obvious idea whose time has more than come.  Doesn't it seem odd
that more isn't happening in electric car development?  John H.

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I'll refrain from going point by point through this message - but one
I have to refute is your bit about electric vehicles.  Two simple
for you:

1) Where does electricity come from?  (think on this for awhile, and
consider the supposed goal of the electric vehicle vs. internal
2) Are you at all familiar with the barriers to practical all-electric
transportation?  You're assuming we don't have them because there has
no effort put into developing them.  This assumption is flawed.

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