[BiturboS4] RE: gasoline

Rich Shiba rich at pdi.com
Thu Oct 17 17:16:07 EDT 2002

On Thu, 17 Oct 2002, California Fields wrote:
> On that note, anyone know where I can get higher octane gas in the Bay Area
> (San Francisco)?  Do I have to buy race fuel or can I purchase some sort of
> booster?

AFAIK, the only choice for buying something with a higher octane directly
from the pump, is race gas.  In/around SF right now, you're choices are
to drive up to Sears Point in Sonoma, or down to a particular 76 station
in SJ.

I tried to fill up with 100 octane in SJ and the pump limited me to a
$50 charge of my credit card.  I guess i could've gone inside and got
the attendant to do another transaction, but i was suffering from sticker
shock already.

I gotta say, for just bolting around town and up/down the freeway, i got
a lot less seat of the pants hp than i was expecting based upon what
people around here have said (MTM A-box chip).  It definitely ran stronger
the harder i pushed it, but in the end it's hard to really take advantage
of it when you're stuck in slow traffic a large amount of the time (commuting).

Nice, but unless i'm dyno'ing/tracking/dragging/M3 battling, i'm not sure
how much 100 oct i'll be running in the future.  At least not 100% like
i did last time...


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